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About the Farm Site

Wheeler Historic Farm Regional Park

In 2000, Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation developed the southwest corner of Wheeler Historic Farm pastures into a versatile regional park. Regional parks are large developed or natural open spaces that serve the Salt Lake valley.  In the years since, major additions have included the Pavilion and Playground Fort. 

The Playground Fort

Quickly becoming a farm favorite, the Playground Fort was a project of the Wheeler Farm Friends board in cooperation with Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.  Installation of the playground was complete in July of 2011.  A Toddler addition to the playground was graciously donated through a grant from the Dumke Foundation acquired through the Friends of Wheeler Farm. 

Wheeler Woods and Little Cottonwood Creek

The back 40 acres (or so) was once home to the Haunted Woods (ended in 2001).  Now the woods are a natural landscape retreat in the middle of the city.  There are places in the woods you will feel you are in the middle of the wilderness.  Large trees, shrubs and wetlands run along Little Cottonwood Creek.  Our Wagon Rides take trips daily through the woods. 

Pastures and Animals

Wheeler Historic Farm is not technically a petting zoo. We are a “Working Farm” which means our animals serve an agricultural purpose. Unlike animals you encounter in your daily travels, our farm animals are not pets. They are not domesticated and may likely think your fingers are carrots. We ask you please do not feed your fingers (or other items) to the animals! Our animals can be found throughout the farm, but most are located on the northwest acreage of the farm.